Moto: 2001 Yamaha FZ1 Startup After Wiring Harness Replacement

Chasing down some electrical gremlins on my bike I bought a low mileage used wiring harness off of eBay (2005 FZ1 with 1444 miles) for $45 (brand new was $560) and installed it.  I basically stripped off the bodywork and started unplugging the old harness and plugging in the new one.  As I moved towards the front I would pull out the old harness up to the next plugs and rout the new one in.  I was able to do this job without removing anything but the bodywork and lifting the tank.



The Davis Experience: Livia Nestrovski and Fred Ferreira Perform at The Cannery Amphitheater

So sorry about the poor lighting, the park lights didn't come on until the very last song.  Beautiful music and the first time I think that anyone has actually performed in our neighborhood's little Amphitheater.

Livia Nestrovski, voice, and Fred Ferreira, electric guitar, have been prominently singled out among the new generation of Brazil’s jazz and experimental artists, participating in projects that highlight them both individually and as a duo.


AT (After Trump): Arnold Educates Nazism

I'd take Ahnold at this point.


Current Events: Rep. John Garamendi Speaks At Davis Unity Rally

Was only able to be there at the beginning of the rally but did shoot a video of Rep. Garamendi's speech for those who are interested in seeing it. I wish I would have gotten Mayor Davis' speech too; his was more to my taste.

This was my first time seeing him speak and felt like a speech that would fit better in the Reagan era. There is very little political risk for him to come out and speak tough against Trump kind of a no-brainer for him to show up. As mentioned the lack of substance was clear; I also didn't like the bungling the MLK quote, and how many times did he need to say "please" to Trump.