Artsy Fartsy: Puerto Rican Coat of Arms

I drafted this up using Microstation.

More info here: Wikipedia



From The Archives: 04

2009-03-01 Anne & Saylor who is not very happy about the bow.

2009-06-26 Me and Anne on a boat tour of Lake Geneva.

2009-06-27 Anne and Kate At Otto's

2009-06-27 Kate, Anne and me at Otto's.

2009-06-30 At Summerfest

2009-08-17 Anne At Devils Lake

2009-08-17 Anne At Ishnala

2009-08-17 Me & Anne At Ishnala

2009-08-17 I Smoke Out Deuces Caddy

2009-08-17 We Smoke Out Jeremy's Boat


Artsy Fartsy: Sunrise Over A Walmart Parking Lot

"As a religious act, to make something of the new day. To celebrate the arrival of a new dawn is a very fine thing to do. You know, we just barge through it we get up bleary eyed, hung over, make a dash for the kettle and the coffee, and the taster. And
 then run out the door, worried we're late for work. Imagine starting the day quietly, evenly, considerately, it's a very very different approach."

~Reverend Peter Owen-Jones

Artsy Fartsy: Lake Monona Sunrise

From John Nolen Drive.


Artsy Fartsy: Toppled Steeple

In the fall of 2004, the 150th anniversary of the building of St. Raphael was celebrated. Soon after, in the fall and winter of 2004, a new copper and stainless steel steeple replaced a badly deteriorating wooden steeple.  The parish was just beginning to enjoy the new steeple when – early in the morning of March 14, 2005 – a fire set by an arsonist spread from the choir loft throughout the church.  The entire roof burned and caved in, but the steeple withstood the fire.

Info Here: St. Raphael Cathedral History


From The Archives: 03

2008-08-16 Anne at Wollersheim Winery.

2008-08-16 Me and Anne at Wollersheim Winery.

2008-09-07 Anne tailgating before a badger game.

2008-09-18 JO'Brien Deuce & Justin (passed out) at the MotoGP Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix.

2008-10-05 Me & Anne at a Badger night game.

2008-10-09 Me at work, Facepod.

2008-11-02 Me & Anne at Angie's Halloween party, Baby & Johnny from Dirty Dancing.

2009-01-05 Anne Violin 01 taken by a teaching peer of her's.

2009-01-05 Anne Violin 02 taken by a teaching peer of her's

2009-02-05 Me cozying up to an ATM and a wall that had been punched a lot.