Oldbike: Upon First Inspection

After I returned the Menard’s truck, I set about my first real assessment of the bike.  I was really happy to see how good of shape everything appeared to be!  The tires seem to be in good shape, though I later found out (accidentally) that the previous owner had tried to convert the tube rims to tubeless. Eventually I will put tubes back in. Also the front tire was mounted on backwards (a little annoying).  The mufflers are aftermarket slip-ons, they are a little scratched up and could use some gaskets where the clamps go. I can see some carbon blowback in the header pipes.  Also he did not have the side covers, but he did have the front fender.  I’m not planning on using the stock seat but there is a tear in it that I may fix even if I don't keep it on there just for the practice. All the lights worked, even the little one that illuminates the license plate. The bike has been in a crash at some point, the headlamp is a little cockeyed and consequently so are the front turn signals since the headlight mounting bracket that they are mounted to, got bent. I do plan on straightening them out, but in order to get them off I have to drop the fork legs out of the triple clamps and I'm just not ready to do that yet. Once I can get them on a bench I can pound them back into shape.  The first thing I noticed once the battery was charged was that the electric starter switch did not work, the second thing was that the kick start also did not work. So I pulled the seat and tank off, and got ready to check the starter (to see if it works) and the carburetors (to see if the jets are clogged).

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