Oldbike: I Sure Could Use Some Sparks

No, not my one of my favorite caffeinated alcoholic beverages, though they are quite tasty.  In between clearing away the snow and ice from the driveways and sidewalks today and vacuuming the floors in the house I took some of my day off to test for spark on the GS.

In another positive development both spark plugs were producing spark.  I want to make sure that the petcock on the gas tank is not clogged so I will disassemble that clean it as best I can.  I will also get some new hoses and once that is done that and the carbs already clean there should be no reason that the engine shouldn't fire.  There will be fuel and spark so there should then be fire.  Hopefully I can make some progress to that end over the weekend.

We are supposed to get 4-6 inches of snow tomorrow so hopefully I wound have to spend the entire day clearing snow :-(

On an unrelated note here is a video of me firing up the 2002 SV650s that normally sits silently in the background in most of my pictures and videos.

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