Found Coolness: Two Lane Blacktop

Two Lane Blacktop: The Girl, The Driver & The Mechanic

Found Here: The Selvedge Yard
THE DRIVER: "Clean machine."
HOT ROD DRIVER (Rudy Wurlitzer): "It's clean enough."
THE DRIVER: "Not bad for home grown."
HOT ROD DRIVER: "It's a little bit more than that, sonny."
THE DRIVER: "Say, you must have something real special here. Gee, mister, I'll bet it's pretty quick."
HOT ROD DRIVER: "You wanna find out?"
THE DRIVER: "Well, ordinarily I'd jump at the, uh, opportunity. But the thing is, I'm just not in the habit of seeing the Chevy work against a two-bit piece of junk."
HOT ROD DRIVER: "Let's make it fifty."
THE DRIVER: "Make it three yards, motherfucker, and we'll have an automobile race."

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