Oldbike: Out Go the Carbs Again

Last Sunday after getting the bike to run on it’s own for the first time I figured that it was finally time to address the fact that I forgot to take a few parts out of the carbs and check all of the cast vacuum lines to be sure that they are free flowing and also to bench synch the carbs too.

I pulled out the cam chain tensioner again to allow for clearance when removing the carbs.

Here is a detailed shot (below) of the tensioner retaining screw.  Basically you want to loosen the large set nut and then tighten in the retaining screw and retighten the set nut.  If you do not tighten the retaining screw the plunger and spring will come out and you will have to re-assemble the tensioner.

After I got the tensioner out I pulled the carbs.

I disassembled the left carb first.

When I pulled the emulsifier tube I found that the o-ring had been degraded probably from me not taking it out the first time and letting the carb cleaner wreck the rubber.

I am going to order 2 of these before I get the other carb apart as I am assuming the same thing has happened on the other side too.  So until I get the o-rings this carb work is on the back burner.

I do have some other things in the works though, including a new set of handlebars and new tubes for the tires so check back in the near future and there will be a post detailing those developments!

Thanks again for reading!

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