Oldbike: Clean Counter Shaft Sprocket Area, Clean and Reinstall Chain

It's been a while since I've been able to get at the bike and do some work, I have been working on finding a cheap source for a set of replacement carbs, and brainstorming with my machinist buddy on the best way to remove the broken ez-out and in turn the broken off bolt.  In the mean time there have been a number of other obligations that have kept me from the bike.   Today I finally rolled the old girl out of the garage and decided that I had to get something done one look at the counter shaft area of the case and I had my target.  Yes that is an acorn in there who knows how that got in there!

Really there is no secret to cleaning up a greasy messy area I used some Brakleen and a screwdriver and an old towel and spent a good hour on cleaning up the mess.

Honestly while it looks a lot better it could stand to be even cleaner but with the engine still on the bike and all the parts installed I would consider this an acceptable level of cleanliness that will allow me to assess if there are any leaks, from the counter shaft the shift shaft or the clutch rod.

After that I decided to make an attempt at cleaning up the chain it was in a pretty rusty grimy state.

I used a brass wire brush and some WD-40 to clean it up and there are no kinks in the chain and all the rollers seem to be functioning. and for the time being it will serve the purpose of keeping the bike from rolling around when in gear and (hopefully) in the near future some shakedown rides.

I set the slack in the chain and that was pretty much it for the day.  I hope to be able to get more done in the next few weeks and have some more interesting updates for those who are following the project.  I appreciate the input and the encouragement and as always, thanks for reading!

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