Oldbike: Mufflers Properly Reinstalled

As I have mentioned in previous posts the bike with open headers is just way too loud.  The previous owner had ditched the stock mufflers for a set of stock Harley Davidson Sportster mufflers.  The problem with this is that the Sportster muffler's outside diameter is 1 7/8" and the headers outside diameter is 1 1/2" the problems is that the size differences are so much that the clamps will not allow the muffler sleeve to clamp all the way down on the header.  As stated in my blog summary there isn't a lot of money to be spent on the project so my first attempt at resolving this issue was the cheapest.

After some shopping around I found some automotive exhaust reducers that would work for my purposes.  The reducers are standard a galvanized exhaust pipe with a 1 5/8"inside diameter on one end and a 1 7/8"inside diameter on the other.  So I picked up two of those and four sets of clamps to hold them the whole works together.

The smaller end of the reducer wasn't exactly a correct fit so I did a four-way cut on the smaller end with my hacksaw to allow the clamps to squeeze down the small end of the reducer to fit the header pipe.  Here's a look at the rig I used to hold the pipe while I cut it.

Here is a look at the completed reducer.

Here is how the joints between the muffler and the header looked when it is done.

The main idea here was to eliminate the leaks in the exhaust and quiet down the bike and this seemed to do the job.  Check out the video below to see some more tinkering.

That's all I have for now.  It might be a little while before another update as starting this Thursday I will be working 12 hour shifts for the next 8 days :-(

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