Oldbike: Quick Update (Fouled Spark Plug)

Yesterday I pulled the plugs to check them out at the suggestion of a member at The GSResource Forums and I found what might have been causing the idle issue I’ve been experiencing as of late.

The first (left) plug, looks fine to me dry and not soot to speak of.

The second (right) plug on the other hand looked sooty and a little wet.

So I put the plugs back in as is and started the bike.  Now comes the time where I admit to a newbie mistake that at this point I should not have made.  The last time in the videos I just put my hand at the back of the exhaust and thought I was feeling hot exhaust exiting the pipe.  This time I actually felt it at the header and could tell that the cylinder on the right was not firing.  When I pulled the right plug again it was even wetter, so I cleaned the plug and dried it with some compressed air and put it back in.  This time it ran noticeably better and both headers were heating up.  I guess I’m not really sure that the plug didn’t foul when I was riding it last time but at the end of the day it was fouled and I missed it.  I checked the plugs after the ride and they were both good.  I plan on riding it every day after I get home and see if the problem repeats itself, also I am not going to charge the battery after each ride to see if that is an issue yet too.

Just thought I would throw a quick update for my latest discovery.

As always thanks for reading.

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