Oldbike: Trying to Diagnose an Idling Issue

This update is going to be mostly videos, I was going to edit them into one long YouTube video but thought that it would be good to split them up so that I can comment on each part.

In this part I and just running you through what the bike has been doing and some speculation on what could be the cause.

Just a quick one of me attempting to start the bike from cold, had to set the camera down to give it a little gas to get it to start.

Another quick one after seting the camera down to give it a little gas to get it to start it she fired right away, the I realized I forgot to take off the gas cap, which was one of the tests I wanted to try.

I start the bike again after removing the gas cap, I should mention that the ideal idle for the bike is really 1300 RPM so it was idling a little on the low side.

As I was tooling around in second gear I decided to see if I could take some video while riding the bike (bear in mind that this generally is a BAD IDEA and shouldn't be attempted) I did get some footage although it's not the best. I really just wanted to give the followers an idea of how the bike was behaving while riding.

Sorry for the wind noise it's was a horribly windy day.

Just pulling the bike back into the driveway, excuse the couple of camera jostles, I thought I had down shifted into first and had gotten neutral and had to put the phone down to pull in the clutch.

Upon arrival back at my garage the bike was still idling good when it stalled right on camera and didn't want to start again.

When I was putting the bike away threw it on the charger and saw that the battery was pretty much dead, could there be something wrong with the charging system?

In my next post, it looks like I will be doing some testing of the charging system, not sure what exactly yet I will have to consult the clymer manual.  I will probably also check the coils too.

Thanks for checking out the videos and the Blog.  If you have any suggestions please feel free to post them!

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