Moto: Say Goodbye/Hello

Bye bye SV

Hello FZ1


Found Coolness: DeLorean Boneyard

Behind Doc Brown's house? Failed time machine attempts? I guess you've got to break a few eggs.

Reminds me of a quote from The Office:
David Wallace: This was a gift from Lee Iacocca. Twenty-year-old single-malt scotch.
Michael Scott: Here is to Mr. Iacocca and his failed experiment, the DeLorean.
Found Here: LeContainer


Found Coolness: Less Nessman (WKRP)

Richard Sanders (Les Nessman) may be an unsung comic genius. Everything he does in "WKRP In Cincinati" is friggin hilarious!

[Les walks in, looking dazed]
Venus Flytrap: Les! Are you okay?
Les Nessman: I don't know. A man and his two children tried to kill me. After the turkeys hit the pavement, the crowd kind of scattered but, some of them tried to attack *me*! I had to jam myself into a phone booth! Then Mr. Carlson had the helicopter land in the middle of the parking lot. I guess he thought he could save the day by turning the rest of the turkeys loose. It gets pretty strange after that.
Venus Flytrap: [to Andy] *How* is it strange?
Andy Travis: Yeah, right. Les, c'mon now, tell us the rest.
Les Nessman: [freaked out] I really don't know how to describe it. It was like the turkeys mounted a counter-attack! It was almost as if they were... organized!
[Mr. Carlson comes out of his office]
Arthur 'Big Guy' Carlson: As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!


Found Coolness: Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock was a straight up Muthafuckin' G
"Alfred Hitchcock had a vacant cast chair marked “Mrs. Bates” placed eerily on the set of his 1960 “Psycho” throughout shooting, and even falsely reported to the press that he was auditioning for the role of Mrs. Bates to further add to the mystery around the film."

– Image by © Sunset Boulevard/Corbis
Found Here: The Selvedge Yard
More On Hitchcock Here: Wikipedia


Found Coolness: Zamfir

Does anybody else remember a commercial for this guy growing up? Maybe it was the music The Karate Kid, but I remember wanting "Zamfir Plays the World's Most Beautiful Melodies" really bad!

And Here:


Found Coolness: Tank Man"Tank Man"

"Tank Man"
For the most part I just remember the image I'm sure you did too. I did some reading about the protests that went on at the time after seeing this picture, so much more than I ever knew too! It's crazy that no one really knew who he was (or if he is alive)!

And Here: Wikipedia
Video Footage: YouTube


Found Coolness: Jimi Hendrix, 1967

Jimi Hendrix, 1967 ― Image by © Gered Mankowitz

“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.”
~ Jimi Hendrix
Found Here: The Selvedge Yard
Photos Available Here: Morrison Hotel Gallery


Music: Generous Shadows

This album I can only assume came from Kate, I'm going to give it a listen!

It was great, and it came with a free digital copy code in the sleeve so Anne and I can take the music with us too"


From The Archives: 10

2011-11-24 Anne just won a Turkey and a charcoal grill shaped like a soccer ball at Doc Ryan's in Elmhurst!

2011-12-31 Me & Anne New Years San Diego

2012-01-01 Me & Anne Back Home New Years San Diego

2012-01-06 Going under the Coronado Bridge San Diego

2012-01-06 San Diego Museum of Art, Me and Anne in the reflection.

2012-01-07 Anne near the stairs going down into Palm Canyon at Balboa Park San Diego.

2012-01-07 Anne & Kate At Starlight in San Diego.

2012-04-07 Anne & Sue The T-Rex at the field museum.

2012-05-30 Anne during a Stormy Volleyball Game

2012-06-05 Recall Day

2012-06-05 Saylor On The Recall Day


Oldbike: Goodbye to the Philabang’r

One of the most random things about Oldbike from the very start was the writing on the left hand side (only) of the tank.  I should have asked the previous owner what the heck it met but honestly I didn’t put much thought into it until so many people asked me what the deal was with “Philabang’r?”  I had no idea and over the last (almost) two years it kind of became something of a likable quirk about the bike.  When I was thinking about what to do next with the bike (for the most part I have just been riding it as of late) now that it is reliable, I put some cosmetic things on the docket this time.  There were some suggestions to get keep the “Philabang’r” maybe in a new font or so far as to preserve the original and clear coat over it in it’s original form.  I liked that idea in a kitschy way but in the end thinking about down the road when this project meets it end and it’s time to sell Oldbike it that it might be a turn off.  So it had to go!

I used a wire wheel and some 4-1/2” Perfromax rust and paint removers on my drill to take the paint off the tank.  You can see (above) the Suzuki emblems mounting points that were “Bondo-ed” over.  To whomever did the bodywork on the tank the fill work on the mounting points did a good job.  I was surprised to find them under there!

It wasn’t a one night job getting the paint off the tank I would do as much as I could stomach each night and then applied 3 in 1 oil onto the bare metal so that it wouldn’t rust.

I also must mention, MAKE SURE THAT YOU TAKE ALL THE GAS OUT OF THE TANK AND THAT IT IS PORPERLY AIRED OUT SO THAT THERE ARE NO GAS FUMES.  The wire wheel on the bare metal can make sparks and that around gas or gas fumes can cause explosions.    Some people may say that I should have used chemical paint removers but I have never had good luck with those and the mess that they create.

Once I got the paint off the tank it dawned on me that maybe I don’t need to paint it at all why not just go clear coat on bare metal?  There are some dings in the tank (it is 30+ years old) and the methods I used to get the paint off were going to make polishing the tank to a mirror finish not a possibility (at least in my skill set).   So I decided that I would so some polishing but not to a mirror finish.

Below you can see my first coat being applied on the tank it looked great but I put it on too thick and there were a few runs.

It was to a point where I could almost see myself in the tank.

Unfortunately when I was wet sanding the runs in the clear coat I burned through and had to take it all off and start over.  And while I smoothed it even more with the wet sandpaper the second time the finish ended up being more satin.

I actually like it better I have 5 coats of clear on it now and I think it is a huge improvement over the “Philabang’r.”

Of course, as one thing gets done another issue arises.  I noticed a small leak where the shift shaft comes out of the case that will need to be addressed soon.  It is a VERY slow leak and depending on the amount of work to do I may end up monitoring the oil level and making repairs when the riding season is over.  Stay tuned for the next installment coming soon and as always, thanks for reading!