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2011-11-24 Anne just won a Turkey and a charcoal grill shaped like a soccer ball at Doc Ryan's in Elmhurst!

2011-12-31 Me & Anne New Years San Diego

2012-01-01 Me & Anne Back Home New Years San Diego

2012-01-06 Going under the Coronado Bridge San Diego

2012-01-06 San Diego Museum of Art, Me and Anne in the reflection.

2012-01-07 Anne near the stairs going down into Palm Canyon at Balboa Park San Diego.

2012-01-07 Anne & Kate At Starlight in San Diego.

2012-04-07 Anne & Sue The T-Rex at the field museum.

2012-05-30 Anne during a Stormy Volleyball Game

2012-06-05 Recall Day

2012-06-05 Saylor On The Recall Day

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