Moto: Riding to Work

Definitely going to be the highlight of the morning.


Hashtag Manliness: License Plate Stickers

This is what 10 years of registration stickers look like when you put the is the correct spot every time.


Found Coolness: Snowrunners

I rented a pair of these... Once...

Found Here: Forest City Surplus Canada

Found Coolness: Steve McQueen

The Selvedge Yard delivers again:
"I saw then that 1950s day in New York, and a young man with short-cropped hair wearing chino pants and a stark white T-shirt lounging against a cream-colored MG-TC with a machine-turned dashboard. He squints into the stark white sun and smiles a quick, not-yet-famous smile suddenly there, just as suddenly gone. He turns a new white helmet over and over in his hands.
I think too of those E.E. Cummings lines:
“And what I want to know is– How do you like your blue-eyed boy, Mr. Death?”"
~Denise McCluggage (Auto Week Ca. 1981)

Found Here: The Selvedge Yard


Found Coolness: Russian Space Suit

Nu par ruski?

Found Here: LeContainer
This site has some risque material scattered throughout, par for an artsy photo site.


Moto: Rooftop Parking

All of the Distribution System Operators got booted out of our covered ramp parking spots. Apparently they hired some people more important than us. But the view is nice up there, if (like me) you enjoy old industrial buildings.


Found Coolness: Scott & Mike's Hammond Organ Night - Poolside Cocktails

Inside cover of "Scott & Mike's Hammond Organ Night - Poolside Cocktails" album.

Found: In my hand...
I love that Frankie gets a shoutout