Found Coolness: GANGSTA! Korehira Watanabe Japanese Sword Maker

The only time I use the word "gangsta" is to describe someone who I believe surpasses all measures of what the commonly accepted meaning for the word is.

Having said that; this guy is gangsta!

If you notice in the video he is using his bare hands when he is forging the sword. Also in the article accompanying the interview they say he makes about 1,800,000 Yen for a sword. That's about 18,000/sword. That sounds like a lot until you find out that he only succeeds in making about three a year. The epitome of, "If something is worth doing it's worth doing right."


Also, here's the link to the article that's an interview with the filmmaker which is how I found the clip: Megadeluxe Korehira Watanabe Japanese Sword Maker

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