From The Archives: 12

Look at those kids... Betsy and Jasiah Hansen.

Circa 1999 Shawn Josh & Jason DiLorenzo's place in LaCrosse.

2001 Me (sunburned as hell) and Shiroma in tiny helmets the day after "the Island."

2002-06-10 Colorado Trip; when I thought I could be a mountain biker.

2002-07-26 Heath and Jeremy at the Karaoke Kid

Somehow Ryan and I convinced Jenny to get into her giant TV box which we promptly closed, flipped over and sat on. We let her out eventually.

2003-05-04 Mifflin St Block Party possibly the last year that the block party mattered.

2003-06-20 Apple River

2003-06-23 @ Jenny's condo.

2003-07-05 11 Me Gina Al Dustin Mike and Deuce at the Plaza

2003-08-30 Jim's Birthday back when Madison had a Masala.

2003-09-16 Deuce grinding on Welp. I told myself no embarassing photos for this album. There's just SO MANY of Deuce I had to put one.

2003-09-16 Deuce, Jeremy, & Heath's place on Mifflin St.

2003-10-31 Halloween; back when nobody ever thought Whiskey River could ever spring from the Pub.

2003-11-07 Hideaway Haven Lac Du Flambeau WI with Jim and Jennifer Hankwitz.

2004-09-04 NESBA Trackday; Back when I thought I was going to be a racer!

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