Found Coolness: Convertible House

Creative design is key when designing a house. The Convertible House in Paraguay is a very cool design for a house. The design totally different than anything in the area. The laboritorio de arquitectura did a fabulous job at designing this house. The house was constructed with a convertible roof.

The roof is controlled by a simple crank that lens the roof to allow the breeze and sunlight to come in. The bottom of the house is made of concrete with stones placed amongst the concrete slab. The box that serves as the roof sits atop the concrete slab, framed around a cage of iron bars. It is balanced on the slab to balance the weight so that it is easy to lift with the crank. There aren’t any upper windows so the only access to breeze and sunlight is via opening the convertible roof. This home is the perfect spot for vacationing and short term holiday stays.

Found Here: Homecrux

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