Random: Halloween Wig Test

Anne is practicing violin pretty intently let's see how long it takes her to notice I'm wearing a wig


Moto: Cold Weather

Halloween costume or mid-40 degree riding gear?

System Ops: A Very Bright Flash in the Middle of Nowhere

At 2344 last night for a brief moment the night sky off in the distance was illuminated with a very bright flash.

The power lines in the foreground are 12KV distribution lines. Running along the horizon line are some 70KV transmission lines one of those poles was rotted and the wind blew it down last night. Before the protective relays kicked in and isolated it I imagine there was quite the flash and bang.


The Cali' Experience: Prison With a View

The view from outside in is I'm sure, the antitheses of the view inside out.

Juan-stagram: Preying Mantis

It 's been in the same place for the last week on our screen door. I think it's waiting to die :-/

Car-ifornia: Oktoberfest Vacaville

The Cali' Experience: San Rafael & San Francisco

A Ferrari 348 GTS zips by the Flatiron Saloon in San Rafael

A Ferrari California outside the House of Prime Rib in San Francisco.

Transamerica Pyramid


Found Coolness: The Breakfast Club

Bender: I take shop! You must be a fuckin' idiot!

Brian: I'm a fuckin' idiot because I can't make a lamp?

Bender: No, you're a genius because you can't make a lamp.


Found Coolness: Brad & Angelina

The last in a series of photos of Brad and Angelina called "Domestic Bliss" taken for W magazine (never heard of them before) in 2005. Pretty cool though...

Found Here: W Magazine