System Ops: Car Vs. Tower

Someone rolled their car down this embankment and wedged it up against our transmission tower.


From The Archives: 17 Dale's Bachelor Party

2007-04-28 Me and my "Twin Brother" we have the same nose...

2007-04-28 This place doesn't exist anymore.

2007-04-28 There's the man!


System Ops: Night Shift On Christmas Eve

At 2135 on Christmas Eve this elf arrived on his electric blue 145 horse-drawn sleigh to give the good citizens of Fresno & Bakersfield the gift they all want for Christmas... Safe reliable electric service!

System operators work when others are with their families.


System Ops: Helms Pumps

Managing voltage spikes while two of the three helms pumps come off-line, each pump drops 300MW when it comes off-line without a ramp so it's important to be on-point.


The Cali' Experience: Solano Symphony

Going to see Anne play in the Solano Symphony's 27th Holiday Celebration

A great show and met some new friends (Chelsea and Jon) too!


Juan-stagram: Rode My Motorcycle In The Rain

Dark + rain + 5-lanes + 40 degrees + lane splitting. "You may be right, I may be crazy. But it just may be a lunatic you're looking for."