Music: Morning Phase

Beck's "Morning Phase" was officially released today. I've listened to it twice already streaming, I think it's one that I would like to have on vinyl too though. The whole album is perfect, check it out if you haven't already!


Found Coolness: Valentino Rossi Pre-Race

Rossi gets into the zone on the grid before the first race of the year in Qatar. Does he whisper to the bike or does the bike whisper to him?

Found Here: MotoGP.com


From The Archives: 21

1997-12-22 Look at these two strapping young lads. At my 19th birthday.

2005-11-11 Weekend Up North Me And Deuce First Ride on the three wheelers.

2005-11-11 Weekend Up North Heath Hitting The Two Wheel Motion.

2005-11-11 Weekend Up North Me Three Wheeler Stand Up.

2006-04-01 Me, Deuce and the Jake And Elwood statues at the Bourbon Street Grille

Car-ifornia: 1962 Porsche 356B Super 90

Just happened to see this old fella sitting across the street from where I'm having coffee at a place called Proshop Inc. 658 Irwin St. San Rafael, California; Circa 1962 Porsche 356B Super 90!

And while this may not be the prettiest Porsche you've ever seen if it's a runner and in and has been well maintained you're looking at a +/- $50,000 car.

Found Coolness: Batcycle (1966)

The Batcycle's ejecto-go-cart sidecar had Robin in a compromising position.

Found Here: The Original 1966 TV Batcycle


Found Coolness: The National

I am currently enjoying The National's 6th album "Trouble Will Find Me" I haven't heard any of their music before but am thoroughly enjoying it.

Found Here: Official Website
And Here: Facebook Page


Music: Why Eminem is one of the most impressive lyricists ever

The way they break down some of Em's lyrics on here is quite interesting, I never even think that many levels deep as I am listening to his music.