Car-ifornia: The Ferrari 250 GTO Speaks for Itself (Petrolicious)

Not something I found and photographed myself but it is too beautiful to not share, and driven not at a snails pace either!


System Ops: Collective Bargaining

Wisconsin HATES that I can do this...

Hashtag: Scott Wanker
Hashtag: Republo-blinders



The Cali' Experience: Dayflowers

MGs are all over the place in CA. So are purple flowers!

This Bumblebee could not make a decision on which flower it wanted to try. It floated there for 10+ minutes just staring at them.

Not sure if it comes through in the pic but these flowers were so iridescent/bright I had to stop and take a picture.


Found Coolness: Goonies Sequel In The Works

A sequel to the classic 1985 movie The Goonies is reportedly in the works and might be based around a new story from original writer, producer and second unit director, Steven Spielberg, TMZ reports.

Found Here: Rolling Stone


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2007-11-17 Angie's Birthday Housewarming Party

2007-12-31 New Years Eve Blatz Throne

2007-12-31 New Years Eve Blatz Throne

2007-12-31 New Years Eve Blatz Throne