The Cali' Experience: Picnic at Davis Farmers Market

Car-ifornia: SS Camaro


MotoGP: Rossi To Start 300th GP At Mugello

Rossi... The man loves what he does so deeply.  Perhaps that's why so many fans love him. 300 GPs and a .500 record after two dreadful years with Ducati says a lot. Roll on Mugello!

MotoGP: How Dani Pedrosa’s €8 Million Contract Demand from Suzuki Is Like Brown M&Ms

I had heard of the "Brown M&Ms" story but never heard it explained. Makes a lot of sense now. Oh and int the Asphalt and Rubber article referenced in the title (which prompted this revelation) they speculate about Dani Pedrosa going to Suzuki.

"The most extreme example was said to be rock band Van Halen, who demanded that there was to be a bowl of M&Ms present in their dressing room, with all of the brown M&Ms removed. The contract explicitly specified that if they found a single brown M&M in that bowl of candy, they would be entitled to cancel the concert while still being paid in full.
At the time, this was derided as an example of the extraordinary arrogance of modern rock bands, yet Van Halen had very good reasons for putting the brown M&M clause in their contract. They were putting on massive stage shows featuring huge lighting and pyrotechnic rigs in places, where comparable bands had never performed.
Those rigs needed very specific power and safety facilities for them to function properly, and a very thick contract was provided specifying the complete technical requirements in great detail. If the venue did not do everything right, musicians, crew and audience could all face severe and possibly fatal danger.
Checking the bowl of candy was a quick way of seeing whether the contract had been read and complied with, if the band found a brown M&M, then they ran a full check of the rest of the venue. Inevitably, they would find other, dangerous breaches of the contract."

Current Events: Memorial Day

To all those who served: I hope that as a country we can do a better job of calling you to fight when all other options have been exhausted and that we finally get serious about the care and well-being of our veterans.

Today, Don't Thank Me For My Service


Funny: A French Railway Company Ordered Hundreds Of Trains That Are Too Big

French railway operator SNCF has to spend $68 million on widening platforms after mixing up measurements and ordering hundreds, maybe thousands, of new trains that are simply too big for the stations.

Read the whole story on: Jalopnik


Hashtag Manliness: Repair, Don't Replace

Just took apart and serviced the center console switch cluster on the Saab. I had no prior knowledge on the process just knew that the rear power window switches were a little wonky. I figured that I'd give it the old college try. Thanks to the overly obsessive engineers at Saab, I was able to get the cluster out of the console with a flat-head screwdriver. Disconnect a single connector by hand. Use the same flat-headed screwdriver to spilt the cluster apart to expose the all-copper contacts which were gummed up with soda and years of dirt. After that it was just a matter of some simple green, paper towel and canned air and a pencil eraser which I used to clean the contact points for each switch (a trick I learned when I was a little kid and did the same thing to clean my slot-car contacts). For good measure I swapped around the contacts that were the same to ensure that the where they were worn would make a new food connection put it all together again and everything works like new! That a company was still making things this robust in the late 1990's is amazing. Even under GM Saab wouldn't compromise design quality. No wonder they never made GM money


Found Coolness: Bultaco Raptian

A shot of the (electric) Bultaco Rapitan's Hossack front-end. Pretty trick.

Found Here: Asphalt & Rubber

Found Coolness: Non-moto Valentino Rossi

A non-moto shot of Valentin Rossi pulled from the background of the news section of his website.

Found Here: ValentinoRossi.com

Of Interest: Not So Sweet News For Diet Soda Drinkers

As an adult I've never been much of a soda drinker but for those of you that regularly diet soda here's some not so sweet news from Scientific American: [Diet soda drinkers] who consumed a greater number of diet sodas had reduced caudate head activation. These findings suggest that there are alterations in reward processing of sweet taste in individuals who regularly consume diet soda, and this is associated with the degree of consumption. These findings may provide some insight into the link between diet soda consumption and obesity.


Found Coolness: Guy Love

I miss Scrubs...
Found Here: Instagram

Found Coolness: Confederate’s Head of Design, Pierre Terblanche

I'm not sure that this is actually a CAD program Pierre is using here but how cool would it be to have this guys job/mind?

Moto: Throwback

2006-05-06 JO'Brien And His R6: Before he crossed over to the dark side.

Found Coolness: GANGSTA! Soichiro Honda Smacks Down GM!

So, let's just recap: CEO of GM talks some shit about Honda's technology. The man who founded Honda hears it, and instead of releasing some pissy statement to the press, gets a car from GM themselves and makes it better than they could do themselves. And he lets the EPA prove it.P

Then, I imagine, he drops a mic and walks offstage.P

Read the whole story over on Jalopnik.

MotoGP: DJ Vale Hitting the Ones and the Twos At Le Mans

Found Here: Instagram


From The Archives: 28

2003-05-10 Jeremy (At the Lava Lounge on his Birthday) Such a baby face!

2005 - Camping At Devils Lake JO'ChO'brien

2006-04-21 ATV Weekend Group Pic Me with my broken collar bone & stitched up face.

2006-10-14 Deuces B-day Badger Homecoming VS Gophers

2006-10-14 Deuces B-day Badger Homecoming VS Gophers

Moto: Throwback

2004-10-03 MSB Crud Run "The Fast Group"

2006-06-25 MSB Ride

That is the look Stan gives me when I say something stupid

Juan-stagram: The Fast & The Furious?

Confession time: I've been granny shifting. Also... I haven't been double clutching like I should.


Current Events: Apple Buys Beats Electronics, Makes Dr. Dre A Billionaire

West Coast baby! Fix yo' FACE!

Car-ifornia: Jay Leno Shows Off His New McLaren P1

MotoGP: Biaggi Rides ART

Found On: Instagram

Looks like Max took the Aprillia ART "open bike" for a spin at Mugello today, it seems like they're waiting to go "all in" until the full factory bikes are gone. There is only one ART right now (Danilo Petrucci).

Music: Lykke Li (Saabs, Volvos and Power Ballads)

I was listening to Lykke Li; a new artist for me. Her new album "I Never Learn" came out last week and I found myself thinking this gal reminds me of Roxette back in the day. Turns out, like Roxette, she's from Sweden, who's major exports apparently are Saabs, Volvos and Power Ballads

Man I wanted to be that dude in the trench coat!

Found Coolness: New Batmobile

Jalopnik just shred this picture of the new Batmobile for the Batman Vs. Superman movie!  I can't wait another bat-second!


Moto: Thanks Universe

Few things are as unnerving as the feeling that something is crawling in or around your ear-hole while cruising down the road on your motorcycle. No matter how much you tell yourself it's just a tickle, the thought of something crawling in your brain makes you have to pull over and check, scratch, poke, prod and check again... It could have been my imagination or just the universe's way of telling me to stop and take a look at my surroundings. Thanks Universe!

Juan-stagram: ASTA Spring Recital

 Anne assisting one of her students at the American String Teachers Association Spring Recital

Another shot from the land of teeny tiny violins :-)