Hashtag Manliness: Repair, Don't Replace

Just took apart and serviced the center console switch cluster on the Saab. I had no prior knowledge on the process just knew that the rear power window switches were a little wonky. I figured that I'd give it the old college try. Thanks to the overly obsessive engineers at Saab, I was able to get the cluster out of the console with a flat-head screwdriver. Disconnect a single connector by hand. Use the same flat-headed screwdriver to spilt the cluster apart to expose the all-copper contacts which were gummed up with soda and years of dirt. After that it was just a matter of some simple green, paper towel and canned air and a pencil eraser which I used to clean the contact points for each switch (a trick I learned when I was a little kid and did the same thing to clean my slot-car contacts). For good measure I swapped around the contacts that were the same to ensure that the where they were worn would make a new food connection put it all together again and everything works like new! That a company was still making things this robust in the late 1990's is amazing. Even under GM Saab wouldn't compromise design quality. No wonder they never made GM money

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