Current Events: Catholic Blinders (Bishop Morlino)

Bishop Robert Morlino responded to a federal judge ruling that Wisconsin's same-sex marriage ban was unconstitutional.  I have some thoughts prompted by his comments.

"In striking down the constitutional amendment in our state which protects marriage, the court has, once again, shaken one of the most precious and essential building blocks of our civilization."

-Yes... Because once the LGBT community is allowed to marry everyone will be required to become gay and all procreation will stop.

"There can be no question that the best formation for children is in the home of their biological mother and father, generally speaking, and we should always have a greater concern for future generations than we do for ourselves."

-Sure... There have never been a single child that has been born into a heterosexual marriage who was unwanted, abused, neglected. The very large barrier placed on a LGBT couple bringing a child into the world or to them adopting a child definitely would not be a mechanism to assure that each child in an LGBT family is actually wanted and will be loved.

"Marriage, between one man and one women with openness to children, is an element of the very first "domino" of civilization... This is demonstrated, too often, in a culture that increasingly chooses death over life."

-Do you see what he does here? Not only does the catholic church want to be controlling all aspects of the LGBT community's life. That statement there is the something I can't believe so many followers accept so blindly. The plain and simple fact is that even if you are a married hereto couple the church wants to control YOUR life too! "With openness to children..." That means (and I am not over interpreting this this is the church's actual stance) that any couple that god forbid should actually decide to have sex within their marriage for pleasure MUST accept that the tax for their selfish dirty act (that mr. Morlino himself can never engage in himself) that tax could very well be a child that you may not really be able to afford or love adequately. In mr. Morlino's mind, nay, in the catholic church's mind... The second you and your opposite sex partner decide to, "wrap it up," use birth control, or even undergo a tubal ligation or a vasectomy... You are SINNING AGAINST GOD.

Bishops can never be straight, only diagonal...

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