MotoGP: An In-depth Interview With The Texas Tornado

Crash.net has a great article with with the always unfiltered Colin Edwards:

With the performance of MotoGP machines now starting to exceed circuit run-off, underlined by the recent test of a tight 'F1' corner at the end of the Catalunya back straight, the fresh start offered by Michelin seems an ideal time to reduce grip and therefore performance. 

Edwards agrees in theory, but underlined that Michelin's motivation will be to build the best tyres possible. 

“I think Ben Spies said it, if you make the tyres shitty and everyone was three seconds a lap slower [the racing would be better]. It sounds like a great concept but it's hard to do,” explained Edwards. 

“Especially if you have Michelin coming in and they want to prove that they can build a better tyre and break lap records. 

“Unless somebody tells them, 'slow these motherfuckers down, make it go back to old racing with wheel spinning and smoke coming off the tyre' they will try and build the best tyre that they can.”

Read the whole article here: Catalunya MotoGP: Colin Edwards: 'Faith and feel'

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