MotoGP: Marquez To Race In Moto2 and MotoGP?

There was an interesting (I thought) moment in the: Catalunya: Pre-event Press Conference two Thursdays ago when a Journalist asked Marc Maquez:

Journalist: "Marc, last week during the presentation of your book here in Barcelona and sitting beside Freddie Spencer you said that it would be funny to try to race in two categories in one season ok? We have asked Carmelo Ezpeleta about that and he says that if you face the challenge he would change the order or the sequence of the categories. What do you think about that?"

Marquez: "Yeah I say that will be funny but, too difficult or nearly impossible because before was completely different. Now after the race, after the practice, you have the data recording everything that you need to work a lot on in the box and also you have the press conference everything and I think it's impossible to race in two categories now. You don't have, or I don't have enough time but of course would be but now, impossible."

You could tell he instantly regretted making the comment.

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