Funny: Coloring Books For Grownups

Don't you miss coloring scenes from your favorite coloring books back in the day? Well here are a couple pages from a modern day coloring book, made especially for grown-ups. Finally a coloring book you can relate to!

MotoGP: Rossi Photobombs Marquez

Found On: MotoGP.com's Instagram Account



Music: Korn Still Has It

I used to be a huge Korn fan back in high school but as I've gotten older (read less angsty/angry) I don't feel the need to need to rock out to them too often anymore.  I do however lend an ear to whatever their new music is when it comes out.  For the most part I enjoy the Korn, Life Is Peachy, Issues style albums more and this video found on Rolling Stone takes me back to those albums.

Random: Sign Proportions

Either there is a tiny person in in a wheelchair in this the bathroom that I need to be careful for, or there is a giant person in there hungry for handicapped people.


Juan-stagram: Run Tree City

Davis is included as one of over 500 cities with the distinction of being (currently) named a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation. Of the 152 in California, Davis is in the top of of the oldest having the honor for 34 years (beat out only by Sacramento and Burbank at 35 years each).

Running west at sunset can be a blinding affair! Hashtag: No Filter Necessary


The Cali’ Experience: The First Sip and the Second Tip (Proper Center Stand Use)

This last Friday we finally moved to our new home in out new city and after a three day flurry of activity Anne and I (and baby de-facto as she is still in utero) are settling in nicely.

The Tuesday before we moved I took the opportunity to transport my motorcycle to the new place as the previous owners had already moved out and it would help things run more smoothly on the day of the move. Anne was already going to be in town teaching Violin lessons but would not be done for a few hours after I got done with work, so I left work on the motorcycle and decided to sample the one of the many local coffee shops: Barista Brew Cafe.

I must say Vacaville is NOT the city to be in if you enjoy local coffee shops, you've got Peet's, Starbucks and Pure Grain Cafe... at least the latter is not a chain, and when it comes to the chains the people who frequent them would sometimes really make me pause and wonder if we should just call off this whole human race thing. After a year plus in a caffeine desert and even at one point skewing too far to the ritzy on a trip to San Francisco; I have finally had a good cup of coffee in a place that was not pretentious, was locally owned, and had what appeared to be a good customer base of a caliber that I enjoyed being around. If that makes me an elitist, so be it.  I walked in the door and it was like I was home it was the perfect balance and the cup the house blend that I ordered... Outstanding. It was definitely a good first time experience in our soon to be new city!

But this update can't just be coffee related, I do have a motorcycle related top tip that I'd like to share with you if you have a motorcycle with a center-stand.  I have been riding my 2001 Yamaha FZ1 for a little over two years and for the most part have been using the center stand exclusively, and and apparently the wrong way!  Even though out of the hundreds probably thousands of times I have executed my incorrect procedure properly twice now I it has ended with the bike laying on it's side.  The most recent of which was this last Tuesday after my coffee shop experience.  Before I would stand next to the bike and with the bike in neutral put pressure on the center stand lever and rock the bike rearwards to pop it up on the stand.  This works most of the time except for when you forget to put the bike in neutral.  I have forgotten this a few times in parking lots and for the most part it does not make it onto the rear stand and the bike kind of springs forward and down off of the stand as the engine compression resists the motion.  I did this exact thing when I was parking the bike in our covered parking. While I don't have a good excuse having made this mistake in the past, I am going to blame it on being a little paranoid about the tighter confines; a parked car on one side and a wall on the other.  When the bike rolled forward I lost my the balance of the bike and it tipped over into the wall away from the side I was standing on and I was unable to counter the momentum as it started to tip.

Nothing too major happened but I did crack my windshield which I mended yesterday using some snazzy blue zip ties.  I may eventually replace it with a new taller one but I will see how it performs before hitting up the online cycle vendors.  The other time I tipped my bike over when trying to put it on the center stand was when it was raining and I had my waterproof boots on which have a pretty smooth sole. I leveraged my foot on the stand and as I was rocking the bike back my foot slipped off the lever and I fell to my knee and the bike fell over once again away from me but that time there was no wall so the soft bags and the handlebars cushioned the fall and no damage was sustained in that event.  But here's the thing after having this happen the second time I did a little searching on the internet and found out that I had been doing it wrong all along:


 So there's my little PSA on motorcycle center stand safety.

Found Coolness: Confederate x132 Hellcat Speedster

When I "Arrive" and am at a point in life where I can afford to truly indulge in a single frivolous purchase to accentuate that fact. There is a good chance that a Confederate Motors, Inc. motorcycle is going to be on the short list of items to choose from. This is the first bike they have released which has been touched by Pierre Terblanche and with a production run of 65 units is sure to be a collectors item. The bike oozes design and build quality!

Found Here: Confederate Motors

The Cali’ Experience: Davis' 100th Annual Picnic Day

Muisc: New She & Him Coming Soon!

Car-ifornia: Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini Gallardo... What it is doing in Vacaville? I have no idea.

I kind of didn't want to give the driver the satisfaction of taking a photo because lets face it... that's what he/she (probably he) bought the car for, but what they hey it will go good in a Car-ifornia post.

Found Coolness: Stig Manual

Some say it's full of blank pages...


Current Events: RIP Robin WIlliams

MotoGP: Rossi/Dovizioso Contact At Indy

Woah! Look at this shot of the Rossi/Dovizioso contact at Indy. The only way Rossi could have made more contact is if he was inside Dovi!

Juan-stagram: FrankenZed1

When in close quarters and intent on putting your Moto on it's center stand, be sure that it is in neutral. Otherwise you may end up having the bike roll forward, lose your balance and let the bike fall over onto a wall thus cracking your windshield :-/

Car-ifornia: Toyota Supra

A nice example of a last (for now) gen Toyota Supra at the Target.


System Ops: Without These Guys I'm Just A Guy At A Computer

You can kind of see the broken yoke plate right in front of the guys. There is some precision flying going on here too!

These guys do the crazy stuff.

Making repairs to yoke plates.

The call it "dope on a rope" I call it impressive.

Re-insulating the center phase of a 500KV conductor.

Music: Farmer Serenades Cows (Lorde - Royals)


Juan-stagram: Barista Brew Cafe

Ahhhhh... FINALLY this Friday we will once again live in a city that has the clientele base to support REAL caf├ęs!

System Ops: Helms Pumped Storage Powerhouse

The Fresno Bee has an interesting article about Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Helms Pumped Storage Plant that ties into my jurisdiction.
"While Helms can crank out more than 1,200 megawatts at full capacity, Jones said it also can consume up to 900 megawatts when it's pumping water back uphill. "That's equivalent to the city and county of San Francisco's electricity consumption at their peak," he said."

Car-ifornia: Volkswagen Multivan