MotoGP: Casey Stoner completes HRC test in Japan

Casey Stoner, the man who once told Valentino Rossi, "Obviously your ambition outweighed your talent." And then went on to prove that his talent outweighed his ambition by retiring at the top of hsi game, has poked his head up in the MotoGP scene more than a year since last riding a GP Bike similarly in a private HRC test.  It makes perfect sense in one way because it will definitely stir some press for Honda, but I wonder really how many more times HRC will go back to this well? I wonder if the offer from Honda that they will supply him a bike if he should decide to return is still on the table?  I wonder if he actually had any real useful feedback for them.  Honda isn't shot on talent waiting in the wings (Jack Miller, Scott Redding, Cal Crutchlow) so why bother with Stoner?  Of course no lap times were shared.

Picture sourced from MCN for more on Stoner's test check out their write-up.

MotoGP: Bridgestone MotoGP Tires At Work

Scott Jones, a freelance MotoGP photographer's lens captured an up-close shot of some "shagged" MotoGP rubber.  Click through to his website (Photo.GP) to read more about the torture a Bridgestone tire undergoes as the pilots and machines circulate a track at pace.


The Cali' Experience: World Series Champions

I credit myself for becoming a San Francisco Giants fan this year for this World Series Championship.


Car-ifornia: Stragglers Found On The Computer

2014-06-19 Saab 900 across from an import auto repair in Vacaville.

2014-07-04 A parade of 350/70Zs representin' in Vacaville on the 4th!

Honda S2000 the car was made for this state.


Car-ifornia: New & Old

I'm not a fan of either of theses cars in particular, in fact I can't be sure what either model is but I sure liked the contrast they struck with each other!

Moto: Lane-Splitting No More Dangerous Than Just Riding a Motorcycle

“What we learned is, if you lane-split in a safe or prudent manner, it is no more dangerous than motorcycling in any other circumstance,” Office of Traffic Safety spokesman Chris Cochran said. “If you are speeding or have a wide speed differential (with other traffic), that is where the fatalities came about.”

Read More Here: The Sacramento Bee

Asphalt & Rubber's Take: Here

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/transportation/article3204990.html#storylink=cpy

From The Archives: 33 Mine and Anne's 3 Year Anniversary/Engagement

It was our 3 year anniversary, so we celebrated it with a nice dinner and a bottle of wine at one of our favorite restaurants in Madison (Otto's). After that I took her to Garner Park (a really pretty park where they do the "Opera In the Park) and we had a dessert I had packed up a dessert with sorbet and champagne. After that around twilight I proposed to her and she said yes!

This is during our dinner at Otto's (before I proposed)

This is after we got back from Garner Park, our first picture together as Fiancees!

The happy couple!

A closeup detail shot of the ring I took the day I bought it.

Another closeup detail shot of the ring I took the day I bought it.


The Cali’ Experience: As Things in the Midwest Cool Down...

...I will never miss this part of Wisconsin winter!

2011-02-04 The four piles of snow that I made were basically one gigantic pile at the intersection of my front and side sidewalk. Because the goddamn plow driver refuses to acknowledge the existence of my front lawn.

These piles are about to the middle of my chest high.

2012-12-21 One of the joys of living in a Veridian neighborhood are the carriageways. All 80% of the garages in our neighborhood empty into a carriageway. The awesome part about this is that the city does not plow carriageways (city of Verona in my case) they come and do the main streets and that is it, which they have done at least half-assed anyhow.

Veridian contracts the City of Madison to come and plow the carriageways. As you can imagine a tiny neighborhood's carriageways on the outskirts of Madison is not high on the priority list for the City of Madison, which has been evidenced time and time again in the 2+ years I have lived here.

Calls have been made to see when they will be clearing the carriageways and thus freeing myself from these wintry chains and in the response it the boiler plate "we're working on it" so who's to say. As You can see I made a valiant attempt at clearing my own path to the the road before saying fuck it... But came up about 100' too short and about 5' too narrow.

From The Archives: 32 Our First House

2010-04-15 Anne and Me Veridian Walk-through

2010-06-17 The Lawn

2010-06-19 Rainbow

2011-03-17 Painted Dining Room

2011-03-26 Painted Kitchen

2011-04-14 Painted Living Room

2011-04-14 Painted Living Room

2011-06-12 Cardinal Glenn In "The Clouds"

2012-02-28 Painted Bedroom

2012-05-11 Sunset

2012-08-31 Sunset

2012-09-13 Sunset

From The Archives: 31

2012-06-11 The Kissers At The Malt House

2012-09-01 Badgers Vs. Northern Iowa University Beth & Deuce

2012-09-01 Badgers Vs. Northern Iowa University Me & Beth Badgers

2012-09-01 Badgers Vs. Northern Iowa University Me & Jeremy

2012-12-12 Anne, me Partick and Julie in Becky Halverson's wedding photo booth.

2012-12-13 Me & Andrea At Gennas

2012-12-24 Anne & Kate Christmas Eve

2013-01-02 Saylor & my foot by the fireplace.


Found Coolness: Hendo Hoverboard

This is really more of a genius marketing campaign then an actual focused effort to sell hoverboards.  I mean think about it... people my age who grew up dying for a hoverboard are now at the age where many of us have found our way into decision making positions in many different businesses.  The company smartly placed some of it's hover engines, admittedly intended for building purposes at the start into a cultural sci-fi/80's pop-culture icon to market it.  As I said before... genius.

Found Here: Engadget