Found Coolness: Volkswagen XL Sport

Audi bought Ducati, it seemed to me a strange pairing at the time, much like this vehicle here does now.  I can't help but think that there were better options than a nearly 1.2 liter v-twin.  I guess it was on the shelf.  It would be more interesting if they had been able to coax more hp out of the engine.  It's still cool enough of an idea to find itself here.

-Ducati Superquadro V-twin in 200 horsepower trim from their 1199 Superleggera
-Power is directed to the wheels via a seven-speed DSG.

-1,962 pounds
-Perhaps the lightest and most aerodynamically efficient sports car on the planet?

Zero to 60 mph in the mid-5 second range, more notably, it will do 168 mph

Found Here: Jalopnik

More Here: Car & Driver

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