MotoGP: Casey Stoner completes HRC test in Japan

Casey Stoner, the man who once told Valentino Rossi, "Obviously your ambition outweighed your talent." And then went on to prove that his talent outweighed his ambition by retiring at the top of hsi game, has poked his head up in the MotoGP scene more than a year since last riding a GP Bike similarly in a private HRC test.  It makes perfect sense in one way because it will definitely stir some press for Honda, but I wonder really how many more times HRC will go back to this well? I wonder if the offer from Honda that they will supply him a bike if he should decide to return is still on the table?  I wonder if he actually had any real useful feedback for them.  Honda isn't shot on talent waiting in the wings (Jack Miller, Scott Redding, Cal Crutchlow) so why bother with Stoner?  Of course no lap times were shared.

Picture sourced from MCN for more on Stoner's test check out their write-up.

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