Hashtag Manliness: Fix Yo' Flat!!!

Neighbor came over to tell me about this...

I had been riding the moto to work anyhow so no big deal.  After my last night shift it made a good "keep Juan occupied and awake," project.

Step 1 pull the tire off the car, re-inflate the tire and use soapy water to find the leak.

Step 2 identify if the source of the puncture is still in there (looks like something is in there)

Step 3 remove the offending object, in my case it looks like a piece of a razor blade.  I'd be thinking sabateur at this point but on the last drive I had just pulled off the road to take the photos in my last System Ops post and that is likely when I picked it up.

Step 4 use the reamer (comes in the tire repair kit) to dress (rough up) the puncture so that the plug has something to grip.

After you have "dressed" the area to be plugged, insert one of the plugs into the needle so that the needle is in the middle of the plug.  Apply rubber cement to the plug.  Press the needle into the "dressed" hole.  It might take some work to get past the steel belts until 2/3 of the plug is in the tire.

Pull the needle straight out and the plug should remain.  Use a razor to cut the excess plug flush with the tire and you're done!


  1. Looks like an excellent job.. I heard about the bubble technique being used on bicycles ;)

  2. I've plugged many tires. Nice, clean, hole punching fun. B-)