Music: Why All Music Sounds The Same

This video I found on PBS News Hour's YouTube Channel started out as an interesting tech piece and then about halfway through turned into a depressing harbinger of what the future of music has in store for us:

Judy Woodruff: Another effect of the digital revolution is that an industry once based on turnover has now become more focused on the familiar.

Derek Thompson: And it's also made the quality of music, the chord progressions inside of music more derivative, and so the side-effect of big data in the music industry has been; I think to make the product more repetitious.

...as well as a commentary on the general populace and their lack of desire to branch out.  I weep for the future:

JW: So how do you explain that, that people want to hear what they already know rather than having any desire to explore something different?

DT: The evolutionary psychologist explanation for this is, "If I recognize it. It hasn't killed me yet."  The vast majority of people what they want, from pop culture is comfort food, they want to be relaxed, they want to turn off their brains.

Read Derek Thompson's entire article "The Shazam Effect" on The Atlantic's website.

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