Random: Trader Joe's Organic Ground Beef Patties from Australia & Uruguay?!?

So I wanted to grill some hamburgers today so I went to the Trader Joe's here in Davis, and grabbed what I thought was the second healthiest option available.  I know 92% lean is better for you but of you are grilling the extra fat sure adds some good flavor.  On the front of the package it says, "no added antibiotics, no added hormones, 100% grass fed." all of these things made me feel warm and fuzzy when I went up to the counter to make my purchase...

It wasn't until I got home when I flipped over the package to see that the ground beef I bought was not only not locally grown but that it was potentially not even from the USA!  I understand that in order to have the best prices, you can't expect local grass fed beef at a large supermarket chain like Trader Joe's.  But really!?! They can't somehow get the. "no added antibiotics, no added hormones, 100% grass fed" beef in the all within the USA?  I find that hard to believe.

So the questions:

  1. Is it better to get "no added antibiotics, no added hormones, 100% grass fed" beef potentially from other countries than large industrial farmed beef?
  2. What kind of oversight is there in Australia and Uruguay to guarantee any of the promises on the front of the package?
  3. How is it possible that shipping foreign beef from the other side of the globe is cheaper than getting it here in the USA?
Things don't add up...

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