Current Events: George Stinney 70 Years 6 Months and 2 Days Late

Back on December 17th a historical event was brought into the collective consciousness of myself and many other's.  It was the story of George Stinney, a 5ft 2in, 92 pound, 14 year old African-American boy from South Carolina who was convicted in a two-hour trial of murdering two pre-teen white girls with no physical evidence.  Only the fact that the girls had spoken with Stinney and his sister shortly before their murder, and the testimony of three police officers that Stinney had confessed were used by the all-white jury to convict him.  His white lawyer called no witnesses, performed no cross-examinations.  He was executed (in a botched execution) by electric chair.

The reason that I was made aware of this is, on December 17th Judge Carmen Mullen vacated the conviction against Stinney stating, "Given the particularized circumstances of Stinney's case, I find by a preponderance of the evidence standard, that a violation of the Defendant's procedural due process rights tainted his prosecution."  The news manifested itself for me while I was watching my favorite news commentary show The Young Turks on YouTube when their COO Steve Oh broke in to tell the hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian about the news.  The news hit Ana pretty hard as you can see in the video below, its the entire two hour show but you can find the spot at the 1:20 to 1:23 portion of the show:

The next day in his solo portion of the show host Cenk Uygur also struggled to make his way through his commentary on the story:

I'm sharing this because in light of many current events today, that maybe some less educated people will feel the weight of history added to the fact that African Americans have a long history of being mistreated by the justice system.

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