Music: Christmas Gifts Beck & The Tree Ring

Since I flew home on Christmas Day to start a run of night shifts I haven't had much time to enjoy my gifts (aside from my shoes) but over the last few days I have managed to listen to the two albums I got from my sisters in law.  Above we have my gift from Jean; Beck's latest album "Morning Phase" which was released at the beginning of the year.  This was a highly anticipated album for me so I of course had already listened to it many times but hearing it for the first time on 180g vinyl was outstanding.  It makes me want to ask Santa for a better hi-fi system next year!

When I opened my gift from Kate (below) I was very excited as this was the third album from, "The Tree Ring," that collectively Anne and myself have received from her and we have both grown very fond of this band!  The elation dissipated almost as quickly as Kate to me the news that this was the band's last album!  She explained that their lives/careers were taking them to different places.  They played their last show together Sept 17th and as I listened to this album I couldn't help but be filled with melancholy, because upon first listen it seems to be that this could very well be the best of their three albums some more listens will be needed to affirm that statement but it is fitting and saddening that they have gone out on a high, hence the melancholy.

To close I'll share one of my favorite music videos of theirs in case you have never heard any of their music and if you like it maybe buy an album for yourself!

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