The Cali’ Experience: Pics Snapped While Flying Home

Still awake... after waking up at 0600 yesterday morning to fly home to work a Night Shift to make sure that the people in the Fresno/Bakersfield area have safe reliable power. That's roughly 23 hours by my calculations and I still have three hours left of my shift so to keep me awake on a quiet night I am going to share some photos I took on my Christmas day flights.

Mount Rainier on approach to Seattle/Tacoma Airport.

Lake Washington and Mercer Island on approach to Seattle/Tacoma Airport.

The plane with the "ANA" on the tail is the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner I've seen in the wild.

Mount Rainier on departure from Seattle/Tacoma Airport.

Table Mountain - Tesla 500kV line and some flooded farm fields on approach to the Sacramento International Airport.

More images of the flooding, unfortunately, as I feared all the rain we had in the past weeks appears to be flowing downhill and not into the groundwater and reservoirs where we need it to go,

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