The Cali' Experience: Washing A Car In January In Shorts


MotoGP: Yamaha Unveils 2015 YZR-M1 & Livery

There are a metric TON more photos over at Asphalt & Rubber if you'd like to see more!

MotoGP.com has two good interviews with Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi about their expectations for the season, the bike and their fitness levels.

MotoGP: The Kawasaki Returning To MotoGP Rumor Roundup

There were some rumblings on the MotoGP section of the internets that caught my eye yesterday.  The source of these rumblings did not originate from speculations on the upcoming Sepang 1 test running February 4th-7th.  Instead it came from the WSBK test going on at the Jerez circuit.  Moto2 rider Dominique Aegerter was at the test out on the circuit circulating the track (slowly) on the ghostly remains of what was the 2014 Avintia Kawasaki CRT machine.  What was he doing there?!? Is Kawasaki planning a return to MotoGP?  Unless you get into some very deep cloak and dagger conspiracy theory type scenarios then the short answer is no.  Dominique Aegerter was approached by the French tuning company Akira Technology who designed the chassis with the Kawasaki engine.  Apparently they, not wanting to allow two years’ work to go to waste, Akira is continuing to develop the bike, looking to learn where there is room for development.  Take what you will from that fact but as I read through the articles (below) I didn't get the feeling that this is a factory effort.


Current Events: Is $889,000,000 Enough to Buy the 2016 Presidential Election?

The Koch brothers’ operation intends to spend $889 million in the run-up to the 2016 elections — a historic sum that in many ways would mark Charles and David Koch and their fellow conservative megadonors as more powerful than the official Republican Party.

The figure, which more than doubles the amount spent by the Republican National Committee during the last presidential election cycle, prompted cheers from some in the GOP who are looking for all the help they can get headed into a potentially tough 2016 election landscape.

Read more on Politico: The Kochs put a price on 2016: $889 million

While we're on the topic of money in politics:  Wolf-PAC


From The Archives: 34

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2006-11-11 Badgers VS Illinois State JO'Brien, Jeremy, Amanda, Justin & Deuce


MotoGP: Riders Off-Season Instagram Roundup

Three time 500cc World Champion Wayne Rainey spoke to MotoGP.com: The Best Riders Will Always Win about the current riders at the tip of the spear in the the series and broke down their prospects for the year and it got me thinking about what they are up to in the off-season.  So I went to each of their Instagram pages and grabbed their most recent photo that was training related to share and comment below.  Also click through the link above to read the full article as well it's a good read!

Marc Marquez seems to be very well rounded it looks like he hits the weights, mountain bikes and rides motocross.

Valentino Rossi seems to focus a lot on motocross, hell he built the Motor Ranch for this purpose and aside from some four wheeled action at the Monza Rally Show Rossi keeps it pretty simple.  Or he just doesn't post pictures of himself at the gym :-P

Jorge Lorenzo hits up the gym as well as some cross country skiing.

Dani Pedrosa likes cycling at the velodrome.

Jack Miller is studying the limits of traction on an ice racing course, he also does a lot of motocross and seems to be a gym rat as well.

Andrea Dovizioso also seems to have adopted motocross as his training of choice.

Maverick Vinales has all sorts of videos on instagram of his crazy workout at the gym and he seems to be a runner, not too many of them in the paddock.

Andrea Ianonne primarily appears to be a motocross trainer with some treadmill time as well.

Aleix Espagaro has been racking up the kilometers on his bicycle...

While his brother Pol Espagaro hits the weights.

Nicky Hayden is pretty famous for his dirt track training but is also a big cyclist as well.

Music: All Country Sounds The Same

But it's not just country... I shared a link to an interesting PBS piece and corresponding article in The Atlantic, "Why All Music Sounds The Same" a while back and this is just more evidence supporting assertions made in both of those pieces..

From Sir Mashalot's YouTube Page:

"I just want to be clear that this Mashup is all in good fun. I am not attempting to bash these songs, the artists, or country music in general. I understand and even appreciate why the "formula" continues to dominate the airwaves- not only in country music, but in pop, rock, and other genres as well. I simply enjoy mixing and producing on Pro Tools, and when I heard the striking similarities of these particular hits, I thought it would be fun to throw them all in a mix and see what I could come up with. And it looks like people are having fun with it too, so I couldn't be happier!

"Sure Be Cool If You Did"- Blake Shelton
"Drunk on You"- Luke Bryan
"Chillin' It"- Cole Swindell
"Close Your Eyes"- Parmalee
"This is How We Roll"- Florida Georgia Line
"Ready, Set, Roll"- Chase Rice

As an aspiring songwriter/producer living in Nashville who, like so many, has come to realize how (understandably) difficult it is to break into the business, my next experiment will be to write a new song as the 7th entry to this mashup (hence the "To Be Continued" at the end of the video). I figure hey- at the very least, they won't be able to say it doesn't sound like a hit! :)

Enjoy the Mash!"


Music: 2014 Songs/Artists I Found To Be Of Note

Get out your notepads, here are 16 songs that I thought were worth sharing that; with the exception of Bon Iver's "Holocene," I believe all came out in 2014.  I give myself a pass since I first heard the song when I saw "Wish I Was Here."  I guess if we are picking nits technically Cloud Cult's "Purpose" is also older but the unplugged version I shared is featured on a new album released in 2014.

Current Events: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

A quote you can apply to nearly every situation in life.  From a man who himself was not perfect, we all have our flaws, but the message he carried on his shoulders was pure and meant for everyone.


Car-ifornia: Volkswagen Beetle

Some day I would like to have a Beetle (in better shape but) similar to this one with a roof rack to go cruising to the beach in.  Of course this is nowhere near the front of the in my list of desired cars but I think it would be a fun one to own.

The Cali’ Experience: Itzhak Perlman With Rohan De Silva

Anne bought tickets for us to see Itzhak Perlman play at the Mondavi Center on the UC Davis campus last night.

Its times like these when I look at my life and think about the fact that I get to be with this woman, do things like go see one of the best violinists alive today and then go home to our wonderful daughter that I realize that I am quite the lucky guy.

Because you can't take pictures of the performance here is a shot of the venue before the start of the show.

Stock photo from program.


Car-ifornia: 2015 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

The Volt had a manufacturing defect on the rear drivers side tail light when I bought it they asked me to come in so that they can look at it and make sure that they order the correct part.  They had this little number in the showroom... With a $15,000 market adjustment... making this a plus $90,000 car.


The Cali' Experience: Grilling In January

 Messing around with some exposure settings...

I've not been away from Wisconsin so long that I have forgotten that people there (myself included) would grill out in much colder temperatures than here in California.

But therein lies the novelty of it all, I can grill, in January, at 7:00pm, in a t-shirt and jeans... Life is good!


Current Events: American Sniper

The movie American Sniper is discussed in this clip and would do a good job of grounding you a bit before (or after) you go see it.  I think it's necessary to remove the glamour and glitz that Hollywood placed on a deceased soldier who was killed 150(+) people in our name under false pretenses perpetrated by our government.


MotoGP: Jerry Burgess Predicts Tire Change To Be The Wrench In The Spokes Not Spec Electronics

Valentino Rossi's former crew chief Jerry Burgess has predicted that the impending switch from Bridgestone to Michelin in 2016 will wreak more havoc for the MotoGP riders than the switch to spec electronics that same year.  One doesn't have to look too far to see the effect lack of confidence in the tires will have on a top flight rider.  Just look at Jorge Lorenzo's first half of the 2014 season.  A small change to the rear tires composition and it was goodbye 2014 Championship hopes.

Read the article in it's entirety over at MCN.