MotoGP: The Kawasaki Returning To MotoGP Rumor Roundup

There were some rumblings on the MotoGP section of the internets that caught my eye yesterday.  The source of these rumblings did not originate from speculations on the upcoming Sepang 1 test running February 4th-7th.  Instead it came from the WSBK test going on at the Jerez circuit.  Moto2 rider Dominique Aegerter was at the test out on the circuit circulating the track (slowly) on the ghostly remains of what was the 2014 Avintia Kawasaki CRT machine.  What was he doing there?!? Is Kawasaki planning a return to MotoGP?  Unless you get into some very deep cloak and dagger conspiracy theory type scenarios then the short answer is no.  Dominique Aegerter was approached by the French tuning company Akira Technology who designed the chassis with the Kawasaki engine.  Apparently they, not wanting to allow two years’ work to go to waste, Akira is continuing to develop the bike, looking to learn where there is room for development.  Take what you will from that fact but as I read through the articles (below) I didn't get the feeling that this is a factory effort.


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