Car-ifornia: Sunday Cinema - Authors@Google Alex Roy

In a previous post: Car-ifornia: Across The USA In 28 Hours 50 Minutes I mentioned that Ed Bolian had beaten the cross-country record previously held by the the subject of today's Sunday Cinema, Alex Roy.  To be honest I had not been aware of his feat when it happened and only became aware of him because he is a somewhat regular personality on the /Drive network on YouTube.  As I saw more and more of him I started to wonder what this guys deal was and it turns out that it was a pretty big deal.  Anyhow I figured that it's the morning before the Superbowl and some people might be looking for something entertaining to watch before the game.  I found this video on YouTube last night where Roy details some of the planning and logistics that went into his then record breaking run.  Check it out if you're interested!

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