MotoGP: The Stuff of Dreams Man Buys Rossi's GP11

 Image Source: Ultimate Motorcycling

I know... I know... it's easy to drink on the hater-ade when it comes to others acquiring the things we lust after but Kaming Ko is someone who came from .nothing and then became something.  To paraphrase from his essay: His dad was a chef and his mom cleaned houses. They lived in a small apartment just outside Chinatown in Los Angeles which was better than in Hong Kong, where their apartment building had no bathroom and we used a spittoon. And now we have the pleasure of reading the story of the man who purchased an authentic Ducati GP11 once piloted by nine-time World Champion Valentino Rossi.

Read about it here at: Ultimate Motorcycling

Image Source: Ultimate Motorcycling

Besides sharing his story, he shared his bike in the form of in-depth hi-res photos you rarely get to see of such a machine.  Once again you can find more at: Ultimate Motorcycling

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