Random: Apple... I know what you're doing right now and I don't like it.

So I had been putting off updating to iOS 8.2 because every time I give in and do an update Apple includes some sort of "enhancement" that irritates me.  Most times due to the battery life taking a dump because for some reason they see it fit to turn back on all my location services for apps I use once every two months or they add an app that I will ever use that I can't delete.  In my iPhone folder I have 13 apps I never use but can't delete off my phone:

Compass, Game Center, Health, iBooks, iTunes Store, Newsstand, Apple Watch (the latest addition),

Passbook, Podcasts, Stocks, Tips, Videos, Voice Memos and Weather.  I never really think about it because when Apple puts them on my phone I stick them in that folder and forget about them but seeing Apple Watch app in there really annoyed me because while the other apps, I really just don't use because I have other apps I prefer or they don't fit my lifestyle they at least don't require me to buy an effing $350 (at it's cheapest) watch to use.  So while I'm not sure how much of the scant 16GB of space this free commercial of an app is taking up on my phone I would like to let Happy Gilmore say it for me.  Apple...

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