The Cali' Experience: Davis in June

2015-06-10 @ 2033 Colorful Sunset

2015-06-15 @ 0625 A Morning Walk In Downtown Davis

2015-06-25 @ 1904 Picnic in the Park

2015-06-27 @ 1915 Apperizer Arrangement By Anne


Music: Ben Folds - Levi Johnston's Blues

With abstinence advocate Bristol Palin announcing her second pregnancy outside of marriage it reminded me of Ben Folds' ode to her first Baby-daddy Levi Johnston. The song is sung from his point of view at the time Sarah was announced as John McCain's running mate.  Enjoy below!


Music: Dead Inside

Thoroughly enjoying this song for a month or so now. Part their concept album "Drones," I too need to listen to the whole thing a few more times before I have an opinion on the work as a whole.


Of Interest: 9 Common Traits Of Happy People (That They Don’t Talk About)

I'm not one to seek out self-help-type information but when this link to an article on a site called Collective Evolution showed up in my Facebook feed I clicked through to see if I had any of these "secret" traits.  I think I have some sort of  version of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 9 going on in my life though the adherence may vary at times and I think I could definitely work on 6,7 & 8.


Current Events: Officer Joseph Crystal (Whistleblower)

On the heels of so many high profile police brutality/civil rights abuses/outright murders I felt the need to share this story of Officer Joseph Crystal because the sort of behavior he endured is endemic in the environment he tried to change on his own.  Things can't get better in our police forces if the truly good ones are stigmatized and labeled as pariahs for doing the right thing. After the shootings of Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, and Freddie Gray it seemed that some people felt the need to make posts along the lines of, "I Stand With The Police."  A sort of blind allegiance with the entity/person who was responsible for another unarmed, black American's death.  That sort post 9-11 hero worship needs to stop or things will never get better. It is possible to be on the side of the police force as an organized civil force put in place to maintain order, prevent and detect crime, and enforce out laws and;
  1. Be against it's Militarization
  2. Be for training to help identify and cope with innate mental predispositions that lead to unfair treatment of minorities racial and fiscal and
  3. Be for the elimination of those who would be abuse the power entrusted to them by those they are to serve and protect.
So I made the graphic above using an image sourced from the New York Daily News article (referenced below) for those who flocked to support the police as individuals and as an entity when under fire for the right reasons, should they decide that it is time to stand behind someone who was the right person for the job, who did the right thing, and was then exiled for it.  For other who do actually choose to Stand with Officer Joseph Crystal feel free to share this image as well.

New York Daily News: ‘If you snitch, your career is done’: Former Baltimore cop says he was harassed, labeled a 'rat' after attempt to root out police brutality

Found Coolness: Man Spends 6 Years Crocheting a Super Mario Bros. 3 Blanket

Found Here: The Daily Dot


Found Coolness: Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Happening!!!

I'm afraid to admit it but this... actually gave me chills. Fuck. Am I really going to buy an entire gaming console to play one game?

That game originally took me 80 hours of time to compete (not counting restarts I'd imagine that it's more flushed out so I think that it would be hard to justify the time needed more the $$$ maybe once Grace is in college!

Music: Juanbook Picks From 1985's Billboard Hot 100


System Ops: IBEW Local 1245 & California Come Through

When I leave work tomorrow morning I will have worked 96 (but got paid for 131.5) hours in the last 8 days. Then I get to have 6 days off while using only 36 hours of vacation. After that I come back to work and do 108 (but get paid for 165) hours in nine days. This is all part of our my jurisdiction having only 5 people to cover shifts 24-7. Staffing issues suck but the IBEW Local 1245 makes $ure I get compen$ated fairly for my time.
Don't worry too much about me though come July 22 I will be off from work until September 1st on PAID baby bonding leave provided by the great State of California that HAS it's people's back rather than stabbing them in it.
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MotoGP: Rossi & Gibernau Hug It Out

Time heals all wounds I guess!