System Ops: IBEW Local 1245 & California Come Through

When I leave work tomorrow morning I will have worked 96 (but got paid for 131.5) hours in the last 8 days. Then I get to have 6 days off while using only 36 hours of vacation. After that I come back to work and do 108 (but get paid for 165) hours in nine days. This is all part of our my jurisdiction having only 5 people to cover shifts 24-7. Staffing issues suck but the IBEW Local 1245 makes $ure I get compen$ated fairly for my time.
Don't worry too much about me though come July 22 I will be off from work until September 1st on PAID baby bonding leave provided by the great State of California that HAS it's people's back rather than stabbing them in it.
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