Meanwhile Back In Madison... Goodbye Philosopher's Grove

Image Source: The Badger Herald

“While I appreciate the continued efforts of the State Street BID to plan events in the area, there continue to be many complaints and concerns raised by business owners, visitors and residents,”

~(Madison Mayor) Paul Soglin 

Quote Source:  The Cap Times

"A sad day at Philosophers Grove at the top of State St in Madison as Wisconsin artist Jill Sebastian reclaims the space that her public art installation has occupied for more than 10 years. The 34 granite stones and 10 bronze forms, commissioned in 2004, are being removed abruptly this week with little notice to the artist, as part of a plan to re-purpose the area. Sebastian is disappointed as the public art was designed to open up the area. "When I was initially enlisted to create something, basically I was asked to create a democratic space, a space that was open to all and that you didn't have to buy a cup of coffee in order to spend time on State Street." Mayor Paul Soglin and Police Chief Koval cite security concerns in their decision to remove the artwork. Ms Sebastian is chalking the outline of her removed pieces with their assigned quote on the sidewalk where the pieces were installed and intends to complete the project this week." 


 Quote and Image Source: Facebook: Leslie Amsterdam's post via Occupy Madison

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