Music: Pink Floyd The First In Space

"Pink Floyd's Delicate Sound of Thunder became the first rock album to be played in space, when Soviet cosmonauts took the cassette of the album with them on the Soyuz TM-7 which was launched on this day in 1988. David and Nick were both in attendance at the launch, audio of which was recorded for potential future use on a Floyd project. Around this time, this apt image was seen in various places including tour t-shirts."


Found Coolness: You Don't Get Into a Spitfire You Put It On

A former co-worker shared this with me recently.  Christie's auctioned off a fully restored Supermarine Spitfire earlier this year for charity you can still read the entire story of the plane here.

Current Events: President Obama's, "Folks wanna Pop off" Is the Blackest Thing That Ever Happened This Week

You have to read this article on verysmartbrothers.com; not a website I frequent (maybe I should) but it showed up in my Facebook feed when W. Kamau Bell (pictured below) shared it.

Apparently President Obama used the aforementioned coloquiolism to describe some of the extreme reactions to the Violence in France as of late.  The writer, Damon Young's (pictured below) excited reaction to the statement is crystallized perfectly in his piece:

"So Black, in fact, that instead of attempting to determine and assess exactly how Black it was, I’m more interested in how “folks wanna pop off” found its way into the President’s lexicon. Does he possess a reservoir of culturally relevant slang terms and colloquialisms that he employs when White people aren’t around? We know he code switches — we see it with every seven-step handshake, and his rendition of Amazing Grace during Rev. Clementa Pinckney’s eulogy is a first-ballot entry in the Code Switch Hall of Fame — but he’s also a 54-year-old man who hoops in Sam’s Club Nikes and tucks his shirt into his sweatpants. (No. seriously. He does.) He is, and will always be, cool in a macro sense. But, in micro sense, he, again, is a 54-year-old man who hoops in Sam’s Club Nikes and tucks his shirt into his sweatpants. This is not what cool people do. Cool people do, however, reflexively use “pop off” to address haters. President Obama is a paradox."

Click through to the whole article to enjoy a few good laughs: President Obama's, "Folks wanna Pop off" Is the Blackest Thing That Ever Happened This Week

Current Events: 7 Things I Learned Reading Every Issue Of ISIS's Magazine (Cracked.com)

Oooh! Did you see who's in the latest issue of Dabiq?!?

An interesting article on Cracked.com: 7 Things I Learned Reading Every Issue Of ISIS's Magazine, people need to realize that ISIS WANTS us to invade.



MotoGP: A Marc Marquez First At Valencia Final

Just a thought on Sunday's Race.  I definitely think that he (Marquez) was sandbagging... I've never seen MM not attempt a pass for that long. Now he decides to revise his win it or bin it mentality!?! If he wasn't up to shenanigans before Rossi's accusations, his performance today was definitely brought on by the accusations.


Current Events: Bay Bridge Shutting Down When Caltrans Implodes Part of (Old) Bay Bridge

 Image Source: NBC Bay Area

Did anyone ask the question, "Can't we just leave the piers in place?" I hope all the homeless people in both SF and Oakland enjoy watching 160 million dollars that would be better spent on assisting them go up in smoke. What a waste of money.

Read More Here: CBS SF Bay Area