From The Archives: 36 Class Project Videos Circa 1998

Class Project: Throat Culture (Circa 1998)

This was a class project for an art class that I took at University of Wisconsin Madison the idea was to capture what life was like for a college student.


Class Project: Music Video For The Crystal Method - Bad Stone (Circa 1998) 

This was a video that was that myself and a former dorm floormate created I think back in 1998 for his class project.  The concept was 75% Joshua Dobson 25% Juan Delgado (myself).  I am in the "radiation suit" and Josh did the filming and editing.

Class Project: Grip of Fall (Joshua Dobson Class Project Circa 1998) 

Another class project video this one was all conceptualized, shot edited and produced by my dorm floormate Joshua Dobson circa 1998.

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