The Cali’ Experience: A Long Overdue Update

2016-03-14 The West Davis Pond still has water in it! (Davis)

2016-03-10 The land where lilies grow with no effort (Davis)

2016-02-12 Some February grilling (Davis)

 2016-02-12 Grace likes to look for the outside cats on our morning walks (Davis)

 2016-02-12 The trees are blossoming already (Davis)

2016-02-08 The sun is always brighter on the other side (Vacaville)

2016-02-05 Windows down weather already (Davis)

2016-01-23 Rainbow view of the same horizon as the previous photo (Davis)

2016-01-18 Cloudy view's still feel unique after my first two years in CA (Davis) 

 2015-12-25 Christmas in San Diego (Balboa Park) 

Someone hung a wreath on the pedestrian overpass

2015-12-10 A dreary day (Vacaville)

2012-12-04 Looking across to this building I thought I saw icicles, then I remembered I was in California.  it was just the sun reflecting on water running down the side of the building. (Vacaville)

2015-11-30 A Rafter of Turkeys near the Russel off ramp for 113.  Some people in town who have never been around wild animals before think they are a nuisance.  I think they're neat (Davis)

2015-11-24 A bright red tree (Davis)

2015-11-15 A rainy run by the West Davis Pond (Davis) 

2015-11-14 The sun burning the fog off the field south of Russel Bl (Davis)

2015-11-11 The sun piercing through the trees downtown (Davis)

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