Current Events: 10 Years Ago Today RIP Jeremy Eckerman

Nine years ago today at 5:19am I was still awake after a night of drinking after the one year memorial party for our Friend Jeremy Eckerman, everyone else had passed out in anticipation of the day of drinking ahead of us because this day was the actual one year anniversary of his death and we planned on celebrating his life by doing what we knew him to do best, drink and be reckless.  I has some things on my mind that I wanted to capture so I sat down and wrote a letter to Jeremy.  Part of that is captured in the image above, with a little spit and polish from the original (after all I had been drinking all night when I wrote it).  I figured on the ten year anniversary of his death that now would be as good a time as any to share it.  RIP my friend, we're all so different from when you left us but in a good way.

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