The Cali’ Experience: Scenes From the Agri-hood (The Cannery)

Here is a photo of our new home in The Cannery here in Davis, CA we closed on June 28th and moved in on the 29th.

It's a Beech Model 3 built by CalAtlantic Homes we were lucky to get in on the first phase as the prices have went up drastically as the demand has been strong.

A view of our home from across the relatively narrow (but long) 7-acre strip of neighborhood owned farmland, this section is host to some pumpkins.

If you turn around 180 degrees from the previous view you see the large privately owned farm field that is host to Sunflowers right now, not a bad view.


Bee homes straddle the two farm fields for pollination purposes.

Another section of the neighborhood farm is growing watermelons.

Here is a shot of "the farmhouse" currently being used as a welcome center for the neighborhood, we'll see what it becomes once the home sales are complete.

I might have to come and sit on their rocking chairs some morning though, it has a nice abmiance.

Tomato sculpture, a nod to the land's tomato cannery past and agri-hood present.

No one can tell me if these are just props or if residents can use them.

A view of the neighborhood barn, this is an actual barn for the neighborhood farm, they will be teaching agriculture classes out of the barn as well.


Almond trees

The entry to the neighborhood

Future pumpkins



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