Car-ifornia: A Unique Mix

First we have a Polaris Slingshot (technically a motorcycle) spotted outside of Bistro 33 in Davis on a Saturday morning.

Then we have a Lancia Beta Coupe spotted once again spotted on a Saturday, this time at the Davis Farmer's Market.  This car is largely forgettable in the looks department (though it is the only Lancia I have ever seen "in the wild") it is however somewhat notorious as Jeremy Clarkson made one famous in the Top Gear Botswana Special many years ago now.

I spotted this old Chevy pickup at the Safeway in West Davis.

And this Porsche Panamera S EHybrid parked next to my car at work.  I actually like the Panamera, what I thought was funny was when I shared this picture on Facebook saying, "I think I'll move my Volt now." Some people took it to mean that I didn't want to park next to something so ugly.  Not the case but it amused me.

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