Random: This Movie (All Summer in a Day) Left A Lasting Impression On 4-year Old Juan

When I was little I remember watching a movie about some kids somewhere that never got to see the sun.  These memories are through the haze of 30+ years on this earth now but I the details I remembered: 
  1. It rained all the time, for some reason it never stopped
  2. The kids had to stand in front of sun lamps
  3. One day it was supposed to be sunny and they had to go to class to learn how to protect themselves from the sun
  4. when the sun came some kids locked a girl in a room so she couldn't go out and see it.
That was all I remembered and for years I'd go without thinking about it and then at random points in my life the memories of this movie would pop back into my head.  I could never remember the name of the movie because I was really young when I saw it, I remember identifying with the kids like they were peers.  It was a depressing memory and I couldn't for the life of me fathom why I had been able to watch this movie at whatever age I was.  Also while I had tried to google what I remembered about the movie it never pulled up an answer for me.  So I would remember it and with no way to delve deeper it would slink back into my subconscious and wait to spring forth again at some future time.

So today, I was watching the latest installment of Regular Car Reviews on YouTube this morning about a Ford Festiva...

...when Mr. Regular starts in on a literary parallel about the car he is reviewing:

"You ever read All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury?"

It's a science fiction short story about a planet where it rains all the time except for one day of the year where the sun comes out and everything is perfect, and there's this little girl on this planet who came there from earth and she lived on earth for most of her life so when that one day of sunshine comes her classmates lock her in the closet because they're all jealous and want to punish her for being from a place that's not raining year 'round."

BAM!  THAT'S IT!!! I googled it sure enough that was the story I remembered from when I was a kid!  Thanks to Wikipedia I was able to find out that PBS had a children's series called WonderWorks (immediately remembered that upon reading it) and in 1982 they made a short film based on the book:

I found the 26 minute movie on YouTube and watched it and sure enough it is depressing as fuck.  Who would think that this was a good movie for children to see?!?  And odds are that I watched this in 1982 because we didn't have a VCR when this movie came out so I was 4 years old when I watched this.  With no explanation of what was going on or what was to be learned from the story.  Just here it is at face value have fun with that one kiddo...  Anyhow the movie stuck with me to this day and it was good to finally get some answers to a random memory in my head.  All thanks to Regular Car Reviews!

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